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Functional & Technical Consulting

Key directions of software consulting

Since entering the software development market in 2015, Sebone has been guiding businesses toward more effective operations, services, and products with tailored software solutions. As a software consulting company, Sebone sees its mission in helping companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacity, business requirements, employees’ needs, and customers’ expectations.

Sebone will go the extra mile to provide highly qualified consultants that meet your specifications and requirements. We provide competitively priced, task-oriented high quality resources to enable lower-cost contingent workforce and staff augmentation needs. Sebone, a trusted partner who delivers qualified Professional Staff quickly and efficiently to meet our immediate and long-term business objectives. Competitively priced, task-oriented high quality resources to enable contingent workforce, Right price, rapid response, rigorous screening with flexibility.

Software implementation strategy

We help companies draw up their short- and long-term software implementation roadmaps. We advocate reasonable software investment while ensuring smooth business transformation through custom solutions and their safe adoption.

Technology advisory services

Sebone’s software consultants assist our customers in selecting the right technology stacks for their solutions. Be it a programming language or a ready-to-use platform, we help businesses review technologies’ pros and cons before starting their projects.

Business solution consulting

When companies have doubts choosing the right software for their challenges, we provide business solution consulting. Together, we decide on the system to implement (CRM, ERP, DMS, CMS, etc.) as well as the development and customization scope.

Technology consulting: our approach

Our team supports businesses at different stages of their software development and implementation projects. We have the skills and expertise to shape early concepts into detailed solution specifications. We also manage full-cycle development of enterprise systems of any complexity and integrate them smoothly into business processes and IT infrastructures.

1. From idea to

We support enthusiastic companies with new ideas about their business digitalization. As a technology consulting company, we assess the viability of the initial idea and consider the most optimal tech stack for its realization.

2. From technology to
project plan

We carry out business analysis to align the validated idea with actual business operations and draw up a relevant development and implementation plan.

3. From project plan to implementation

Sticking to the project plan and the selected engagement model, we design and configure custom software according to the discussed requirements. Upon request, we provide a long-term strategy of post-deployment software maintenance and upgrade.

Driven by results

Our customers’ success stories testify to our IT consulting achievements. We strive to translate our consulting and development effort into real business outcomes, such as better system performance, more active users, or reduced TCO.

Why technology consulting by Sebone

Expertise rooted in practice

The competencies and skills we have today are the result of over two decades of software development practice. Our portfolio constantly expands with new projects and success stories from our customers, and we stay open to new challenges.

Cross-disciplinary talent pool

Partnering with Sebone, you can build your project team choosing from a pool of software engineers, solution architects, business analysts, testing experts, and project managers.

Industry knowledge

We manage software consulting and development projects across multiple industries. Our team includes experienced business analysts who can effectively translate industry requirements to the language of technical specifications.

Partnership with global software vendors

Sebone is a long-term partner of the world’s leading technology vendors, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Atlassian, Amazon, and more. Our specialists go through regular certification to validate their knowledge of providers’ requirements and best practices.

Adherence to international security & quality standards

Sebone follows recognized security and compliance standards. We ensure secure project workflows and help businesses implement software aligned with specific industry guidelines on software configuration, data storage and processing.